David Philip Curtis


Painting Plein Air Plein air painting is about learning to see. This means understanding the principles of painting and using them to make a personal statement. The basic principles are drawing, composition, color, value, and a thorough knowledge of your subject.w

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"The challenge of  painting out of doors, directly from nature, should be a joyous experience. Nature, with all her whims and vagaries of moods and weather, creates so many beautiful moments — both visual and emotional — that we are sometimes overwhelmed with material. We must work towards developing a better understanding of what makes a good composition and how to translate our vision onto canvas using color, tone and value."

~ David P. Curtis

Coming soon - THE LAST FALL WORKSHOP of 2015

While enjoying these spectacular days of Fall why not take up the challenge of painting direct from Nature? This is an opportunity to bask in the sunshine of a beautiful October day, soaking up the Vitamin D, and at the end of class you will have created your own work of art.

October 12 - 16 ‘October Skies,’ is a 5-day workshop for students of all levels. 9am - 3pm. $500.00 per person. Class size is limited. This atelier-style workshop offers students the chance to begin, refine, and complete one landscape each day.

Painting skies is an integral part of any landscape! Big skies add a sense of aerial as well as linear perspective to a composition. They are constantly on the move as nature's elements interact, and if you can rise to the challenge and capture that sense of movement and atmosphere, you will be rewarded not only with a truthful painting, but also you will go a long way towards achieving that sense of 'alla prima' execution beloved by the plein air painter. Locations for this workshop will be selected to better observe skies and clouds.

“The difficulty with clouds is that the forms are like any solid object, having a light and shadow with half tones, but if you paint it like that they won’t feel like clouds!”

* Please Note: Please remember, these are plein air locations. The instructor reserves the right to amend locations, or provide indoor facilities, if the weather dictates.