David P. Curtis
Paintings and Plein Air Art Instruction

David P. Curtis (1950-2021)

David P. Curtis Exhibition: ENISLE

A collection of oil paintings by David P Curtis will be on display at SANTANDER BANK'S Manchester Branch, 17 Union St., Manchester, MA 01944 - Mar. 3 through April 7, 2021.

From the Press Release: David P. Curtis is primarily a Plein air painter and art teacher working around Cape Ann, but last March Coronavirus health restrictions changed his schedule and forced him indoors. Although not as happy painting in the studio, Curtis found that necessity required him to experiment in painting interiors and landscapes from memory. This, he says, brought on an island mentality, hence the title of his show: Enisle.
“I grew up amidst the nature and ambiance of Cape Ann,” explains Curtis. “Beauty, aesthetics, dreams: these all take part in creating a play while I paint. Being sequestered last year forced me to draw on different creative habits and find a deep inspirational feeling I could call on, even in the studio. In talking with other artists, this seems to be simpatico. ..."


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'Art is a Safe Haven'

I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and well during this present state/federal lockdown.

Art is a creative outlet while we have time on our hands. It engages our imagination, our energy, and our mental welfare. Everyone can create art and all those who have reached some success had to begin somewhere.

During hard times,' Art is a safe haven for individuals, helping them engage Heart, Hands, Mind, and Soul! Why not try creating a piece of Art of your own? And if you need instruction or critiques - let me know! I am here for you.