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The Interior Challenge 2020 and Other News


The count is in, so please go to my Interior Challenge 2020 Gallery page and see where the Awards went!

But keep in mind, we are all winners for taking up this challenge. As predominately a landscape painter, painting interiors was a challenging and rewarding experience for me - and, I hope, for you - bearing in mind all that I learned. In the days ahead, let us all head out and paint a spring landscape while the blossoms are fresh, keeping in mind,  of course, the health and safety of all in these difficult times. Stay safe and be well. 


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In addition, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well during this present state/federal lockdown. Hence the expression: 'Art is a Safe Haven'

Art is a creative outlet while we have time on our hands. It engages our imagination, our energy, and our mental welfare. Everyone can create art and all those who have reached some success had to begin somewhere.

I recently issued a challenge to my students to paint an interior and send it to me for consideration in my Interior Challenge 2020. The original deadline was April 30, but some people have had difficulty in meeting that date due to family and work problems during these difficult times. I have therefore extended the date by two weeks - to MAY 15 - to enable those of you who would like to participate a little more time to get organized. Those of us who are already organized have sent me images already and these can be seen on my Gallery page: David's Interior Challenge 2020.

For those who have lost or misplaced the information (mentioning no names!) here is an excerpt from my original challenge:

During ‘Hard Times,’ Art can be a safe haven for individuals, helping engage with their Heart, Hands, Mind, and Soul!  With the probability of being sequestered for the rest of April at least, I would like to challenge all of you to create an interior of your own home in a personal and artistic manner.

 The Yang Corner by David P Curtis, o/c, 16 x 12

The ‘Interior Challenge’ specifics are: [Students] may enter up to Three Interiors of any size, the deadline for submissions is April 30, 2020 (now extended to May 15). Awards are First Prize, a free place in my  Figure In the Garden Workshop, August 5-7; Second Prize, a free place in my Boats and Buildings Workshop, July 8-10; Third Prize is a free private lesson. I will be the sole judge, and if copying photographs for this challenge is observed, the work will be judged accordingly. So get painting!   

Also, a new Sight and Insight Podcast is available, so join Artists Lorwen ‘Connie’ Nagle and David Curtis and Art Researcher Judith Curtis at  Sight&Insight Art is a Safe Haven  

In the meantime, Stay Healthy And Be Safe!