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Great workshop Boats + Building's - as was Sight + Insight completely inspired, look forward to painting on Saturday. Gary Y
Gary Younker - 28 Nov 2017
Hello David, thank you for a great workshop in Maine. Love your paintings!
Holly Smith - 2 Sep 2017
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lina - 1 Mar 2016
Mr. Curtis, bought 2 of your dad's books, the one on Sea Scapes really helped me grow. I really like your notes on painting and your work. I believe the best painters come out of Mass. Good ones in California also but the history of Cape ann and Rockport is phenominal. I'm too old to and too far a way to do a workshop but thanks for sharing the painting notes And I gleaned what I needed for my growth. We need painting theory but we need daily painting and work to really grow. your expertise is right on the mark. Thanks m.leblanc
m. leblanc - 23 Oct 2013
Just browsing the work of several members of the North Shore Arts Association when the name David Curtis caught my eye - thought I'd have a look-see. Living in England, I am better acquainted with the work of 'our' David Curtis and although I knew from my visits to Cape Ann that you spent time in Yorkshire I cannot before recollect seeing any of your English paintings. Bolton Abbey, Wharfedale, Brimham Rocks! All wonderful images of places frequented by me in my youth, captured by a man blessed with great talent. Thank you so much.
Denis Pickles - 15 Aug 2011
Today I participated in the third of a three-day workshop with David. He is congenial, asks questions that help you process and learn, and has inherited a rich legacy from the Boston School, moving beyond to personalize his vision. I recommend his workshops and find much pleasure looking at his work!
Lois T Andersen - 22 Jul 2011
I have only been painting for 12 years and consider myself a newcomer with much to learn. Originally from Massachusetts, I have resided in Alabama for the past 8 years. I love your paintings and perhaps one day I may be fortunate enough to attend one of your workshops. I just printed out your field notes on "Tones" and find learning to paint is truly a never-ending process. Marilyn R. West
Marilyn R. West - 9 Dec 2010
Just been trawling through your website. Been very enjoyable to see your paintings again.
Ralph & Roswyn Revell - 29 Sep 2010
Your paintings have inspired me and your words have helped in my work. 'Would love to study with you. I love those skies!
Keith Howard Duff - 4 Sep 2010
I came online looking for David Curtis 'Watercolours with Impact' ... I found you, and was not disappointed. Beautiful artwork. :)
Ingrid Ormestad - 10 Aug 2010
I am looking forward to Plein Air tomorrow, 22 Aug 2009. Your demonstration at the Rockport Art Association was exhilerating. Thanks for the lesson. Connie
Connie Raymond - 21 Aug 2009
Donald Smith (Jun 2007) Yes, you should move closer and take his workshop. He's great, the scenery is great, and the other people in the Saturday group are great people. David is keeping the tradition alive of the Cape Ann Painters who tried to pay it forwards.
Mary Pyche - 21 Jun 2009
I love your work, David. I get lost in your incredibly clean, beautiful color! Charlotte
Charlotte Wharton - 16 Jun 2009
Hi David - just came across your website. I think it's great. Your work is very inspirational. It will be a privilege to attend a class one day when I make it back over there! Alison
Alison Kirkbride - 16 Jun 2009
Hey David, Your work is still as fantastic as it was when we saw each other back in the 80's. Maybe I can afford a piece some day to put with Roger and Alan's. Dick Smith
Dick Smith - 12 May 2009
Dave- The images look great-nice job -you do have the talent!! Pops would be proud!
Bill Curtis - 7 Apr 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your wonderful paintings. March 20, 2009
Elaine Carbonneau - 20 Mar 2009
Please advise dates, locations, etc. for your 2009 workshops. Thank you.
Ina Beierle - 27 Feb 2009
Dear David, I am planning to take your Sept course at the Rockport Art Association in Sept. I like the way you can paint very painterly and then in your next paint more traditionally. You have a wonderful understanding of plein air and studio art! I can't wait for your class,I have many questions! Linda
Linda Leonard Hughes - 5 Jun 2008
I have been searching for the right workshop. Your website has me very interested. I would like to have exact instructions to find your Saturday workshop. This is just what I'm looking for. Your paintings are beautiful and subjects are fantastic. Thank you..Judy Brousseau
Judy Brousseau - 30 Mar 2008
I'm interested in a spring or summer workshop
Danielle Gauthier McCarthy - 15 Mar 2008
I'm interested in attending a spring or summer workshop in 2008.
Mary Rose O'Connell - 19 Jan 2008
Interested in a spring or summer workshop in 2008. Thanks.
Paul Murphy - 13 Nov 2007
Just found your site and am completely inspired. I just moved to an area of NY that is begging me to try plein air painting. I am going tomorrow - thank you for the inspiration.
Rebecca Finch - 3 Oct 2007
Hi David, Look forward to painting with you again. Nice Web site. Peter
Peter Kalill - 13 Jul 2007
I think that your field notes are useful to anyone interested in painting.
Danielle Gauthier McCarthy - 24 Jun 2007
Your work is amazing. I found a link to it on Wetcanvas.com. I'm glad I checked out the link.
Dave Webb - 17 Jun 2007
Hi, Ran across your webpage on a post on www.wetcanvas.com in the plein air forum. WOW! I can't believe you only charge $20.00 for a 5 hour workshop. Almost worth moving to be close enough to join in the class. Your paintings are beautiful! Don
Donald L. Smith - 16 Jun 2007
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