David P. Curtis
Paintings and Plein Air Art Instruction


Join David P. Curtis and Lorwen C. Nagle as they instruct students in finding and executing a good design; the foundation of any successful painting. Of all the principles of painting, design is the one that should inspire us to create the best composition we can, whether pictorial or otherwise. David and Lorwen will help students find their Line of Design in order to refine their work and execute a finished canvas. If the artist defines the line of design, or pictorial quality,  initially the composition will achieve the proper 'variety within unity.' Without this vital element, a painting may never succeed in manifesting an aspect of beauty that exudes refinement. Students will work on small sketches before moving on to a more complete landscape. Additionally, this workshop addresses memory painting - a vital component of plein air painting and an aspect of landscape painting that is rarely taught! Remember the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.