David P. Curtis
Plein Air Paintings
7 Mar 2021 - 21 Mar 2021 SIGHT & INSIGHT ZOOM CLASS: THE NATURAL WAY OF SEEING Category: Workshop/Class Price: 150.00 Venue: Join our Virtual Zoom Classroom from the comfort of your own home.
We’ve all heard a good painting has “variety in unity.” But how do we achieve this? And what exactly does it mean? We will explore this feature of painting in depth in this class. This is about setting up to paint outdoors and not using guides, viewfinders, and other structural means to capture your scene. The principles of gestalt, the Cozens’ blot method, and other nonlinear ways are introduced to help you “feel” your way to a unified and whole painting.
Join me, David Curtis, and my friend and fellow painter, Lorwen 'Connie' Nagle, Ph.D., as we explore The Natural Way of Seeing. Classes are held at 5 pm on Sundays and Thursdays, in this case, March 7, 11, 14, 18, and 21, 2021.

You will need the Zoom application to participate. Download for free at https://zoom.us. Tuition for five sessions is $150.00 comprising two PowerPoint modules and three Critique Sessions! To sign up, email lorwenpaintings@gmail.com or davidpcurtis@comcast.net to register. Pay through Paypal or send your tuition check, payable to David P. Curtis, to 30 Riverview Road, Gloucester, MA 01930-1614. Any questions, please contact me or Connie.